International Association of Security Awareness Professionals

A robust information security awareness program is one of your organization's most powerful protection strategies. Find out what awareness programs look like in organizations that believe in awareness

At IASAP, security awareness gets serious attention.

If you sometimes feel like you're the only person at your organization who believes in the importance of awareness; or if your managment believes, but your program hasn't caught up yet,  then it's time to re-energize yourself and your awareness program with membership in IASAP.   


Spend time with the most experienced group of security awareness professionals to be found in a single room— awareness specialists willing to learn and share with their peers.  These are the corporate members of the non-profit association, IASAP.


Security awareness is all about people, and IASAP is for the people who target the people with the awareness message--from the Board room to the factory floor. Whether it's via blast, blog, bluebird or billboard, IASAP members are the ones who craft the message, create the themes, and care about which media will be most effective. 


Meet Privately, In Person

IASAP members meet in person two to three times per year, at two-day facilitated meetings hosted by member companies in U.S and Canada.  All attendees sign non-disclosure agreements; discussions are informal and collegial.   Each company is assigned a brief segment of the meeting to present on their own awareness initiatives, showing samples of their program materials and resources.


Meet Privately, Without Leaving Your Office 

IASAP provides a members-only sharing platform where security awareness professionals engage in  lively, year-round exchange:  Q&A with immediate feedback, member polls, guest speaker webinars, members-only teleconferences.   Because only fee-paying members who have signed an NDA may access the site, members feel comfortable posting  program resources -- many available to other members for re-branding. 

Agenda topics at in-person meetings are decided by the attendees themselves. Past topics include:

  • Measuring the effectiveness of your program
  • Risk-based approach to message prioritization
  • Getting executives to lead by example
  • Motivating behavioral change via proven techniques
  • Keeping the message fresh
  • Project management and reporting for awareness programs

IASAP Meeting - Richmond, VA

Learn more about the many benefits of IASAP membership:

deliverables, agenda topics, current members and what they say about membership.





*Member Meet-Ups*


Experience-based discussion with fellow members on:

  • Phishing Exercises
  • Role-Based Training
  • Energy Industry Topics


*Instant Polls*


45+ trusted members weigh in on your specific program questions. Instant results display to benefit all.




IASAP In-Person Meetings 2016


Greenville, SC:  April 5-6


Corning, NY:  August 9-10


Milwaukee, WI:  November 3-4





What's on the agenda?



Attendees of each meeting create the agenda a month in advance via a private teleconference.  For a current or past agenda, please email a request with your business signature to  Vendors and consultants attend meetings by invitation only, and are not eligible for membership in IASAP.



Between in-person meetings, IASAP hosts members-only webinars featuring invited speakers from across a variety of disciplines.





IASAP activities qualify

for CPE’s toward

ISC(2) Certifications!





Founding Sponsor:  PhishMe, Inc. Founding Sponsor:  PhishMe, Inc.


"The members of IASAP extend their thanks to PhishMe, Inc. for stepping up as Founding Sponsor during the association’s formative stage. PhishMe recognized that an independent league of trusted security awareness professionals would elevate corporate awareness programs through collaboration and creative exchange.  Thank you, PhishMe, for your continued support of IASAP events."

~IASAP Executive Board